Dear Nature

Dear Nature,

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. I am a girl living in southwest Florida who loves to hike and spend most of my free time taking photographs of you. Can I just say this one thing? You are beautiful and take my breathe away every single day. The more I am surrounded by you, the more I find myself. You are my solitude. You are my passion. You are, what many people like to call “the great”.


I am writing this letter to you to apologize on behave of my fellow friends, even those whom I have yet to meet. You see, sometimes ignorance or carelessness get the best of us humans, and sometimes it’s both. We may be informed on one subject, but totally lack any knowledge of the next. Any destruction that has happened can not all be blamed on us of course, considering you do sometimes destroy man made objects. Luckily, you can’t destroy what is inside man. I say with a heavy heart, that many developers, global warming, pollution, greed and money all play a large roll in to why you are being pushed aside and destroyed.

You do not have to spend your days being afraid though, there are many people, myself included, who fight for you on a daily basis. We click-and-share via social media, we do cleanups, we protest, we fight for animal rights, we sign petitions and we plant instead of destroy. There are even some of us who have laid down our lives in order to fight for you and your wildlife kingdom. So do not be discouraged, but do be on you guard. There are men out there willing to destroy you in a whim for the sake of money and halfheartedness. There are men who will deliberately pollute a portion of your body in order to gain your natural resources. They will disrespect you and degrade you.


No matter how many people are against you though, I and many others stand with you including God Himself, for He is your creator after all. My dearest Nature, you are sometimes the one and only thing that separates me from the rest of the world. With you, I am home.  Without you, I will not have a home. I promise to always be your protector and your friend, for without you my heart doesn’t beat along with the cardinals song and my skin no longer smooth like the scales on a fish. I would be just another person like the ones I pass up on the street who haven’t a clue what you hold. I would be worthless to this world in more ways than one, not understanding what my purpose is.

I hope my letter encourages you to stick around as long as we are fighting for you. I know that you are strong and yet feel hopeless and used, but I promise that one day we will end this fight and you will be restored like new.



your advocate


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