Learning to Find Peace

How do you define peace? Is your peace taking a walk along the coast or turning your music up loud so you don’t have to hear the chatter in your brain thinking about everyday stresses? Or maybe your peace is defined as simply reading a book before bedtime when everyone else is asleep and the house is quiet. I define my peace as either sitting or walking in the midst of nature, observing all creations for what they do. As I sit here and write this, I see my dog has found her peace today by sitting in her favorite spot of the yard, a shady spot that is pointed toward the road and a little wooded area that squirrels like to play and tease her. As she sits on the cool dirt below her white furry body, I see her brown eyes almost telling me that she is content. Content is peace.

I haven’t always known where to find peace. Peace has looked different at every stage of my life. It’s safe to say that nature has always been something I turn to when I need alone time with God.

Peace doesn’t have to be extraordinary or difficult to obtain. You don’t need to take an all-inclusive vacation to Hawaii to see what peace really means, and you certainly don’t have to pay your way to achieve peace either. Sometimes you will find that peace has nothing to do with you, but maybe more about watching someone finally gain the peace they have been longing for. That in itself can bring peace of mind to you as well. My mother-in-law struggled with cancer for the last few months of her life. She went through chemo therapy, and to be frank, she was miserable. The only time I saw peace in her eyes was when she talked about her grandchildren, or in her words “grandbabies”, and having a relationship with her savior. Through the many of conversations I had with her, she was at the most peace knowing that she knew where she was going.

Shortly before her meeting Jesus, we all asked God to just give her peace and take the pain away. The moment I found out she left this earth, I was saddened but yet overjoyed for Jesus answering our prayers for delivering her peace, and that in itself brought me peace to know that she was home where she belonged. So you see, peace doesn’t have to be complicated and yes sometimes it can be hard to understand how to obtain that harmony in your life, but it’s always right there at our fingertips ready to be exercised by us because it’s the greatest gift we have been given and you must understand how to find it and use in order to survive in this world because if you don’t, you will always be searching for it, wondering and waiting for it to arrive. Peace in raw form means freedom from disturbance: quiet and tranquility. I challenge you to find your peace, because without it, you will never be content in life.


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