A Salty Escape

My feet hit the soft white granules of sand that are tucked away underneath the wide open blue sky filled with pelicans diving down into the deep blue waters of the Gulf trying to fill their bellies. The sun is making his appearance, bright and hot as he always is shining down to give all creatures below the passageway to rise with a new beginning and the moon is becoming obsolete to the human eye. I smell the waters of the ocean and all the sea life that was washed ashore when the moon was still the spotlight of the night. I make my way to the shoreline to discover multiple beds of seagrass that used to host homes for all kinds of birds, floating along the shoreline then being brushed up to the sand by never-ending waves. The sounds of the water are all to familiar to the casual beachgoers, but to me it’s a sanctuary and a place that I hear Jesus say, “this show is all for you, so relax and enjoy your stay”. Sailboats and fishing boats tug their way from boat docks to islands leaving steady streams of water behind them as they go, making the waves a little more intense.

crash of waves
photo by Lynlee May

The world hidden under water is living and filled with marine life that calls the ocean their home. They all have duties to find their food for the day and make sure their babies have food as well. Just behind me deep within the mangroves, crabs pop in and out of their holes and are busy waving their claw up and down. I make my way down the shoreline the same direction the wind is blowing. I observe two horseshoe crabs washed up ashore no longer a part of the world  hidden under water. Instead, they will become someone elses meal. Eager to put my sandy toes into the water, I let the waves do the work for me by letting them wash over my feet. My skin craves more cool water as it is now sun-kissed, so I try my best to tackle the endless waves and submerge my whole body into the salty water. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and dive underneath feeling the water pressure pull back my long hair and hit the skin on my face. I hear ticking underneath the waves as the shrimp and fish eat. I come back up to the surface and feel abundance of seashells resting on each other as if to make a blanket for the sand beneath them. Fish swim by me busy trying to catch a big school of smaller fish and that is when I realize that this experience is all I needed to remind myself of how big God is to hold the oceans in His hand, but yet still love me.

bird on shore
photo by Lynlee May


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